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Intentional thinking, authentic learning

What is a Thinking School? 

Fields College is a proud member of Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA) and its affiliated international organisation Thinking Schools International (TSI) and is in the process of working towards accreditation from Exeter University in London, UK. 

This is an ongoing journey in which we partner with other progressive schools in explicitly unpacking the way that we think and provide authentic opportunities for our school community to learn. 


Why become a Thinking School?

There is a growing realization that if students merely memorize the content of the subjects they learn at school, this is no longer enough to achieve academically, or in life. They are now being exposed to more complex problems for which there are no easy answers. Not only are they required to think more effectively for themselves, they also need to master working collaboratively with others. This is impacting education around the world, for which a new approach is required. 

TTSA defines a Thinking School as one of an educational community in which all members share a common commitment to giving regular, careful thought to everything that takes place.  At Fields College, our identity as a ‘Thinking School’ is at the heart of our vision to produce independent, creative, critical and reflective thinkers who will be equipped to thrive in the rapidly changing world in which they will work and live.


Next Steps

Fields College has chosen three key areas to focus on for 2021/2021, as we contine to explore our evolving educational landscape: -


  1. Higher Order Thinking and Exam Preparation

  2. Lesson Planning for IBL and PBL (Inquiry Based Learning and Project Based Learning) 

  3. Revision, Study and Assessment Strategies using Thinking Maps


Keep checking in to share our journey and progress as we constantly strive to engage ever more deeply and profoundly in the adventure of life-long learning.

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