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We are,
because you are,
our Fields Family

It is my very great privilege to invite you to experience the Fields family through our website. It is but a glimpse of what makes our school so special, but I hope that you will get a sense of the rich traditions, academic excellence, co-curricular activities and joy that defines and separates us from other learning institutions.


Reimagine your child’s educational journey as we introduce you to tomorrow’s leaders; today.


Mrs Amanda Coetzee



Our school

Fields College is an English medium, multicultural school which offers an innovative and transformational educational pathway for learners from Pre-Preparatory to Matric.


We believe that a happy child is a successful child . Our play based learning approach provides a safe, developmentally appropriate nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth, as well as a positive self-image, a healthy curiosity and a love of learning.


Primary School

The Foundation and Intermediate Phases form the Primary School. This is one of the most exciting and critical educational stages of a learner’s educational journey.

High School

Our vision is to identify each learner’s unique strengths and needs; emotional, physical and academic and to develop them holistically so that they will become productive, happy and independent citizens.

Welcome to Fields College; 
home of innovation, excellence
and community.

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