Fundraising Plea


The school as part of its School Development Plan has identified the need for a multi- purpose school hall. When the High School addition was added the School hall was omitted due to cash constraints. The school has been accumulating funds for this project and has to date collected R3 million towards the costs.  This is some way short of the estimated R11 million required.

The school is embarking on a multi-pronged fundraising drive in order for this project to be initiated in 2017 and completed for the 50 years celebration of Fields Primary School. The school will approach international and national donor agencies, Corporate South Africa, Business (Big and small), philanthropists, Friends of Fields, past and present learners and their families.

After much deliberation and consideration the development of a school hall is justified based on the following needs:

  1. Sufficient spacing for examinations during the final year of schooling. Currently the grade 12 learners are accommodated in the primary school hall. This is disruptive to the primary school teaching programme as they cannot have access to the hall for nearly three months of the teaching year and teaching programme.
  2. A number of fundraising activities, schools plays, parent training etc. are suffering due to the lack of a suitable venue.
  3. The primary school would have greater access to the current hall including use for gym, indoor sports and other activities (such as occupational therapy) as required by the curriculum.
  4. The new hall would also be used for indoor sports and free weights gymnasium facility.
  5. The need for a hall which can comfortably accommodate the student body and parents at various functions.

There are a number of ways which you, the company or your company can be involved.

  1. Financial contribution
  2. Contribution in kind with the design assistance, supply of engineering expertise and materials for the construction, electrical work etc.

As a sponsor you will receive positive media attention, a section 18A certificate if required, but more importantly be assisting quality education to many learners and in addressing South Africa’s education challenges.

All contributions will be acknowledged in the new facility.

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160 746
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If you require more information or would like us to send a comprehensive proposal please send an e-mail to or contact Michael on 0145921257/8