The responsibility to provide quality education lies with all of us. In order to remain relevant input into education must come from many sectors.

The plan of FIELDS COLLEGE is to set up a “Friends of Fields College” association comprising of past alumini, relevant people, business partners and school management to assist in driving the school development plan and continued striving for excellence in all fields of education.

The association will develop aims and objectives in conjunction with the school development plan to support and promote the vision of the college.

We also want to keep in touch and connect with past learners who, either completed the primary school phase only as the High School buildings only started in 2003. The correspondence is done via email and with messaging on the Fields College facebook page so we need to ensure that we have all your contact details. Please provide us with details of other past pupils who may not be in contact via email.

Please let us know of any important announcements, accomplishments that you think are worthy of publicising and promoting the ethos of Fields College.

Please send your information to


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