The official opening of the ARLENE HOLDING hall

The official opening of the ARLENE HOLDING hall

On the 15th August 2019 Fields College celebrated the opening of its multi-million rand hall; but they also honoured the legacy of the woman who inspired its dream and after whom the building is named. On that unforgettable evening, the ARLENE HOLDING hall was presented to its proud school community. Fields College was honoured to have in attendance MEC Hon. Wendy Matsemela, Department of Education and Sport Development North West Province, Sub-District Manager Mrs M Paledi and Circuit Manager Mr PD Mathe along with previous School Governing Body chairpersons and alumni.

The ARLENE HOLDING hall is a testament to the stewardship of Fields College under the leadership of its principal – who along with parents throughout the years worked tirelessly to raise the funds to make this incredible project possible. The hall represents selflessness, sacrifice, service, passion, tenacity and the consummate belief that we can do more, be more, than is expected. The attitude that we should take what is provided and multiply it for the benefit of others.

When the governing body took the decision to name this hall after Mrs A Holding it was not done simply in recognition of her achievements – of which there are many. This hall is perhaps the visible and symbolic pinnacle of a dream that began long ago. Perhaps when she was the Head Girl of the primary school and she made a commitment to come back and give back to the school which had already provided the foundations for her future success.

Many local citizens will remember the empty fields next to Fields Primary before Mrs Holding began to build a high school, brick by brick and classroom by classroom until it became the prestigious learning establishment that it is today, offering world class education and holistic development for the learners that attend.

But a school is much more than its building. It is home. To those who pass through its corridors and are transformed by the experience it is possible to forget how much work goes in to creating and maintaining a safe and aesthetic learning environment. This special evening showcased exceptional performances from the learners from all grades and phases and wowed the audience with their professionalism and talent.

Mrs Holding is a pioneer, long before schools were instructed to provide Grade R at school, she remodeled the staff room and old administrative block to provide a sensory rich, hands-on learning environment for Grade R learners. Primary schools do not have to provide preparatory education yet but take a look next to the beautifully rebuilt tuck shop and you will see a Grade RR facility that is the envy of not just Rustenburg, but private educational establishments in and beyond the North-West province.

Consider the new face-brick grade 3 classrooms that replaced the asbestos classrooms she inherited – it is impossible to detail the improvements she has created and the difference she has made.

The ARLENE HOLDING hall is a state of the art building that reflects the character of the woman behind its inception and completion. Work hard, dream big, never allow your dreams to be conquered by the expectations of those around you that do not share your vision. The ARLENE HOLDING hall was not simply named in recognition of the tremendous vision, provision and dedication of its’ principal but instead it embodies the values which she has modelled throughout her long and distinguished career.