Intermediate Phase

Promotion Requirements

English: 50%
Afrikaans: 40%
Maths: 40%
Any other two subjects: 30%

The word, “intermediate: aptly describes this phase. Between the foundation phase and the Senior phase, much development, nurturing and refining of knowledge and skills takes place. Beginning in grade 4, where the learner has to be nurtured but simultaneously equipped to cope independently, through to grade 7, each learner is supported, guided and moulded to cope and excel in the high school. 

Our vision is to identify each learner’s unique strengths and needs; emotional, physical and academic and to develop them holistically so that they will become productive, happy and independent citizens. 

Learners are encouraged to participate in the myriad co-curricular activities offered: netball, athletics, tennis, hockey, swimming, soccer, athletics, rugby, cross country. Our marimba bands and choir also give learners the opportunity to discover and develop their latent talents and to compete against other schools and districts.

We are constantly on the look- out for competitions that involve art or creativity. Our learners often win prizes for their excellent work. Our annual Spelling Bee, Master Maths, Science EXPO, Conquesta Olympiads and the SACEE tests challenge our learners to go the extra mile in their studies. 

Teachers are continuously engaged in ‘In- Service training’ where performance, goals and strategies are discussed.

New, innovative and creative ideas are sought to continuously raise the bar in all areas of school life. Our teaching and learning environment is important to us. Every effort is made to create indoor and outdoor areas where learners will feel safe and inspired.

The teachers also ensure that  they work together to provide appropriate intervention for learners, who may be experiencing personal challenges or are in need of individual assistance. Our annual Dads ‘n Lads fun day, the Mother and Daughter tea, our tours, and fun afternoons provide opportunities for parents, teachers and learners to get to know one another on a more informal level and leave lasting memories. 

Our Grade 7 leaders are a great asset and help to our phase. They receive on-going workshops, motivational talks and training. Their parents are also often invited to be part of the training sessions. Our grade 4 and 5 parents are often engaged in our interactive Mathematics workshops where they are shown how to assist their children with the latest methods used. 

We firmly believe in our school’s motto, “Excellence in all Fields” and therefore place a demand on each of our learners to work hard and to be serious about their education. We ensure that the intermediate phase learner is thoroughly equipped to succeed in the high school.