Fields College Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Implementation plan 2016 -2017

“It must be noted, however, that neither the mere presence of technology, nor the fact that a learner interacts with technology, will transform a classroom into an interactive one. A truly interactive classroom is one where the learners interact with the learning content; interactivity depends on the way the technology is used by a skilled teacher to encourage learners to interact with the content.”

The advent of accessible technology, smart phones, tablets, computers, social media etc. provides a landscape of which educators we need to be familiar. It does not condone the inability to read and write properly but provides opportunities for educators and learners to enhance the learning experience.

There are many available and free or very cheap remedial and self- help programmes that can benefit the education development of learners.

As per any new change and concept the ability of the educators to embrace such is vital to the success of any roll out.

Technology will assist the learning process but the learners require the guidance and structure provided by the educator/teacher. Never has so much information been so readily available but the skill is not in accessing but rather managing the information.

There are many implementation models and plans that have been used by various schools. The recommendation for Fields College is a cautious approach as the costs can be high and the rewards limited for such cost.

  1. An ICT audit was completed for all phases
  2. All classrooms are fitted with whiteboards and projectors

The school will continue ensuring that current technology is used adequately whilst piloting other technologies in 2017.