Foundation Phase Grade R – 3

Promotion Requirements

English: 50%
Afrikaans and Maths: 40%

The Foundation Phase is one of the most exciting and critical educational stages of a learner’s educational journey. All our Foundation Phase learners are exposed to computer classes and specialized Physical Education, including swimming, under the supervision of a full time teaching coach. Younger learners who are still building up their water confidence have the opportunity to become ‘water aware’ in the splash pool.

This phase also boasts witha specialized reader library where a full time librarian manages the smooth and timely transition of readers for each learner in each class. The system is streamlined to ensure that every learner’s reading is monitored, as well as encouraged and yet does not disrupt valuable teaching time.

Regular contact sessions with parents are scheduled each term, as we partner to offer support in the key skills of Phonics and Mathematics. These training sessions are invaluable as we equip parents to assist learners in the foundations of learning key, core skills.

The Foundation Phase offers English (Home Language), Afrikaans (First Additional Language), Mathematics and Life Skills and is fully CAPS compliant. Setswana has been introduced to Grade 1 and 2, as an second additional language.

Grade 3 learners write Annual Provincial and National Assessments and our exceptional performance continues to inform curriculum development with our specialized methodologies for Mathematics and Phonics. We benchmark our performance against National, Provincial and Regional results and 2013 shows clearly how  our teaching methodologies are producing successful learners.

Grade R

At Fields College we are proud to host an innovative and refurbished Grade R block that has been developed to unpack learner potential in a variety of perceptual and holistic learning activities. The outdoor playground area is a particularly important component of allowing learners the opportunity for structured and unstructured play and has been designed to develop imaginative as well as physical play.